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Interested in studying a Postgraduate degree in Enterprise?

The MSc Enterprise will develop understanding of enterprise, entrepreneurship, family business and ‘social enterprise’ on a global scale.

The MSc Enterprise is about helping students develop into successful entrepreneurs; confident in starting their own businesses or in working for an existing business in an entrepreneurial way. It can be taken either full-time (over 12 months) or part-time (over 24 months). Find out more on our Postgraduate page.

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  • Start-up Success: Turning an idea into reality

    I thought of the idea for carwow at my parents’ kitchen table! A new car is the second biggest purchase many people will make in their life, after a house, yet the process has largely gone unchanged for the past 100 years. Despite the internet bringing travel, housing, and all other large purchases into the modern age, new car buying still involved customers having to travel around to multiple dealerships and haggle face-to-face with salespeople while still not knowing if they were getting a good deal. I set out to fix this.

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  • Self-employment + Freelancing = Uber-economy?

    With UK unemployment at only 5.4%, why has there been a 700,000 increase in self-employment since 2008?

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Latest Opportunities

  • Student Impact Awards 2015/16

    Student Impact Awards recognise current students who have made a positive impact on projects or activities outside of their academic studies. Nominations will be accepted until 13th January 2016. Winners will receive a £100 Amazon voucher!

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  • The Elevator Pitching Awards

    Pitch your growth idea in a 90-second video for the chance to win £150k to help make that idea a reality!

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